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Be Creative - load of balls - Football HQ - create a soccer website - submit a footy post

Indeed, you can be creative here at Football HQ

Be Creative

To begin with, here at the Football HQ website, you can be as creative as you like. Obviously we encourage all football fans to have their say. Indeed, we hope that you will bookmark us and give us plenty of input. In fact, you can post football news articles, have a little banter and promote the football team you support. Why should other football teams have more publicity, your team is better isn’t it?

For example, if you have some football facts and figures, we all want to know. So, let’s explore what you are able to do here at The Football Headquarters.

Submit A Post

Be creative at the Football Headquarters - submit a football post - tell us about your team
Obviously, the simplest way to post here is by submitting a blog post about football. Just exactly what you post is entirely up to you, but remember it should have a connection to football.

Indeed, you may want to brag about the football team you support.

In contrast, you may wish to highlight a football news article you have just read. However, don’t copy and paste more than a few lines please. Above all, your posts should be your own work and be over 300 words long for greater impact.

In order to write on the Football HQ Blogs, you need to register. But, our free Bronze Membership is available to all and has other benefits too.

Create A Football Website And Blog

Create your own football website and blog - make your footy site here
You can indeed create your own website here at Football HQ. In short, join in as a Platinum Member and get your unique domain to do as you want. We provide the necessary tools and security also the primary domain name, ie (YOUR WEBSITE HERE) (DOT) Football HQ.
So, we take the pain out of everything, and leave you to create and design your own website your way. It really couldn’t be simpler here at the Football Headquarters.

For more information about membership at the Football HQ Network, click this link.

Join The Football Forum

 Join the Football Forum at the soccer HQ - promote your footy team here
Our massive Football Forum is indeed a place you can call home. If you don’t promote your football team, then someone else will promote theirs.

Because the Football Forum is separate from the main Football HQ Blogs, you need to register there too.

So, join in with the Football Forums today and have your say. You can also be creative in the forums just as much as you can in the blog.

To Sum Up

As we see above, there are many ways in which you can be creative here at the Football HeadQuarters. We have free membership of the blogs here in order for you to post soccer articles. However, we have paid memberships for those wishing to operate their own footy websites. Joining the Football Message Boards is free, of course!

Finally, if you want to put your football team on the map, you can do that here. Indeed, the Football HQ website is here for all passionate football supporters to be creative. With this in mind, as long as you remain legal you can basically do as you want. Here at the Football Headquarters, the world wide web is indeed your oyster, join in today!

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