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Sadly, Brechin City are now playing in Scottish League One nowadays due to relegation. Since we mainly show the results of the Premier League and Championship in Scotland, we now rely on members and users to update the scores and fixtures etc. However, you can only do this in the massive Football Forum now. So, if you support Brechin City, please promote your team there.

Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, Brechin City play their games at Glebe Park which has a capacity around the 4,000 mark. Indeed, the club have played their home games here since 1919. Brechin do indeed have a core base of some fanatical supporters and create their own atmosphere with a little pride. Moreover, the club’s nickname is simply ‘The City’. Furthermore, Brechin play their home games in a red and black strip.

Brechin City indeed have only minor trophies in the cabinet. However, they have won the lower Scottish league tables. Indeed, they have won the Forfarshire Cup Five times too.

Just to point out that although the football team has the name Brechin City, Brechin does not have city status. However, the town does have a cathedral should it ever gain the title of city. Finally, Brechin City came into existence in 1906.

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