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Indeed, this is the Chelsea FC information page from Football HQ

  • Chelsea Results

    Leicester City 2 - 0 Chelsea
    Fulham 0 - 1 Chelsea
  • Chelsea Fixtures

    Chelsea 18:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers

Results And Fixtures For Chelsea FC

Firstly, at the Football HQ, we show the current results and fixtures for Chelsea FC. However, should you wish to see the current league position for Chelsea, click here. Obviously, Chelsea supporters can us the Football HQ to boast about their team should they wish. However, please feel free to knock the team where necessary!

The Club Info

Chelsea still play their home games at Stamford Bridge. Indeed, Chelsea has a relatively small capacity of 41,631 when compared to other big football clubs in the UK. However, a move to a much bigger stadium is on the cards. After all, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham have done the same.

In footballing terms, Chelsea are the relative new boys to English football. While many other teams were coming into existence in the latter part of the 1800’s, Chelsea played a waiting game. In fact, Chelsea had to wait until 1905 for their formation. However, they have only ever played their home games at Stamford Bridge. Of course, Chelsea’s nickname is The Blues because of their home strip. However, they also have another nickname of The Pensioners.

Chelsea is indeed fashionable both within and outside of London and have a waiting list for their home ground. This is despite the high admittance fee, but this doesn’t deter the passionate fans. The terrific atmosphere at Chelsea is breathtaking so hopefully this will migrate with them to their new stadium.

Many Honours

Obviously, Chelsea have won many honours and cups. In short, their stature means that they still are winning honours and this will continue, we expect. However, they are where they are because of the money that is in the club and money talks. Their honours include winning the top flight in English football and many FA Cups. Not only that, but they have won many European honours and cups too. Indeed, their pedigree can’t be denied.

Promote Chelsea

Its not as if Chelsea need promoting, so why not brag about your team instead. However, if you want to moan about the club, do that also. In effect, you can use the Football HQ to promote Chelsea. Obviously, we have the blogs here and the massive Football Forum to do this. However, should you wish to make a Chelsea website of your own, you can do that here too. We provide everything you need to make a football website. So, join in with us and promote Chelsea FC.

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