English Championship

Indeed, this is the English Championship Table and information page.

  • # Team P
    1 Reading 3
    2 Queens Park Rangers 3
    3 AFC Bournemouth 3
    4 Bristol City 3
    5 Luton Town 3
    6 Norwich City 3
    7 Rotherham United 3
    8 Swansea City 3
    9 Birmingham City 3
    10 Watford 3
    11 Millwall 1
    12 Stoke City 1
    13 Blackburn Rovers 0
    14 Coventry City 0
    15 Barnsley 0
    16 Brentford 0
    17 Huddersfield Town 0
    18 Middlesbrough 0
    19 Preston North End 0
    20 Wycombe Wanderers 0
    21 Cardiff City 0
    22 Derby County 0
    23 Nottingham Forest 0
    24 Sheffield Wedn… -9

English Championship - football blogs and forum


English Championship

To begin with, the Football HQ website brings you the current league table for the English Championship. Obviously, we regularly update the table. In other words, as soon as the scores are in, we adjust the league table accordingly. We also have the current scores and fixtures as well. With this in mind, we have everything current and up to date!

The English Championship is the second tier in English football of course. The next step up is obviously the Premier League. Indeed, the Championship play-off final is the richest game in British football. This is because the rewards and fortune for the winner is enormous. So, does your football team belong in this league?

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We all know that the English Championship has many football teams which don’t belong there. Of course, there are many clubs in this league that have massive support bases. With this in mind, give your football team a massive boost here on the Football HQ Network.

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Football Forum

Not only can you promote your football team here in the Football Blog, but we also have a forum too. Indeed, our massive Football Forum allows you to boast about your favourite team. Obviously, you can brag about how well your team is doing in the English Championship. In contrast, you can also tell us how badly your team is performing. In fact, if it has anything to do with football, you can post it in our comprehensive forum. Indeed, even if you just want to natter about things in general, you can do that too.

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Obviously, you may want to promote your football team on your very own football website. If so, then Football HQ is for you. This is because you can join us and create your own football website here. Furthermore, you can even include a football forum of your own. Of course, we provide all you need to create your own Football website, find out more here. Indeed, the advertising and SEO power of the Football HQ Network will help your website flourish.

To Sum Up

Finally, the Football HQ Network is here to help promote your football team. Obviously you can make a blog post, a forum post or create your own football website. With this in mind, join in with us and ensure your football team comes above the rest!

English Championship - league table, fixtures, results and information - Join The Football Forum

Indeed, the Football HQ can help promote your team!

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