A Few Important Pages

The Football HQ Forum needs to discuss matters concerning this message board from time to time. Therefore, all boring subjects that affect the forum go here. In brief, keep up to date with those type of matters here, like the rules etc.
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A Few Important Pages

Post by Trevor »

A Few Important Pages

I think I better show three of the main pages on the Football HQ Forum all in one post.
Obviously, visitors can find them if they look.
However, they are quite small links, so I will highlight them here and summarise them.
Therefore, if you want to read more, click the relevant link.


In order to allow the Football Forum to tick over, we have some rules in place.
Obviously, it is not our intention to stifle any football debate, therefore we rely on common sense.
In essence, we offer a few guidelines rather than being heavy-handed.
So, if you stay within the bounds of the law, you should be fine.
Since the Football Forum Rules are important, they have their own page so check them out here.

Football Forums Privacy Policy

Obviously, we want all our visitors and members to have faith in us here at the Football Forum.
With this in mind, we have a Privacy Policy in place to make you feel comfortable and safe here.

The Privacy Policy indeed applies throughout all the websites in our network at the Football HQ.
We now have a dedicated page for the policy.
So, to check out the policy in brief, click this link.

About Us At The Football Forums (Summary)

To begin with, this Football Forum is a public platform where anyone can join in.
Obviously, we are all about football, so that is the main focus.
Of course, we encourage football fans to register and post regular.
However, we do have some off topic forums where anyone can post, even if they have no interest in football!
In short, this Football Forum is what you make of it.

Finally, this Football Forum is the sister site of the main Football Head Quarters.
So, if you would like to know more about us, look here.

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Re: A Few Important Pages

Post by Referee »

Good idea to put all these in one post and delete the three separate ones :cheers:

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