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To begin with, this is the football leagues information page. Moreover, this is where you will find links to the individual leagues that we cover. Obviously, to the left you will clearly see the list of football leagues, just click the one you require. Each league of course, shows the league table and the teams that compete in that particular league. Obviously we highlight all the results and fixtures too. However, should you need to check out the individual football clubs, click here.

English Football League System

This system is a pyramid type series of leagues from men’s association football clubs in England. However, Welsh clubs can participate in this system if they so wish as well as others who meet the criteria.

Football teams can indeed enter the system through a promotion or relegation system. With this in mind, even a small non-league club can enter the system and end up winning the Premier League! The total number of football clubs varies from year to year but around 140 leagues are in existence right now.

English Premier League

This league is obviously the top league in the English Football Leagues system. Indeed, many people refer to this league as The Premiership. At this time, there are 20 clubs that compete in the English Premier League. Running from August to May, each team in the English Premier League obviously plays 38 league matches.

In other words, each team plays the other teams both home and away. In effect, the English Premier League came into existence in 1992 when it broke away from the Football League. Prior to this date, the top league in England had the plain name of The First Division. The teams finishing in the bottom three of the Premier League obviously drop into the Championship below.

English Championship

Just to point out that the full name of this league is the English Football League Championship. But most people just refer to it as The Championship. This league is the second most important league in England. Prior to 2004, this league had the name of The Football League First Division. Also, prior to the Premier League coming into existence, the Championship was the old Second Division.

At this time there are 24 teams in The Championship. Obviously each team plays the others in the league twice. Therefore, each team plays 46 league matches throughout a season. In short, the top two get promotion to the Premier League. However, teams that finish in positions 3 to 6 go head to head for the third promotion slot. In effect, play-off final is the biggest prize in English football. The bottom three indeed drop into League One below.

English Football League One

This league is indeed the second-highest league in the English Football League. In effect, League One is the third most important league in English Football League System. Prior to 2004 League One had the name of Football League Second Division. Obviously, prior to the Premier Leagues Formation this league was the old Third Division.

Also, as with The Championship above, the top two and bottom three are subject to promotion and relegation respectively. Also, those finishing in positions 3 to 6 follow the same routine as in The Championship. At this time, there are 24 teams competing in League One. Obviously they play a total of 46 league games each.

English Football League Two

This league is obviously the fourth tier in the English Football League System. Prior to 2004 League Two had the name of The Third Division. Also, prior the the Premier League formation League Two had the name of Division Four. At this time, there are 24 league clubs that compete in League Two and they play each other twice. In short, they play each other both home and away making 46 league games in total. Promotion and relegation is also similar to the Championship.

Scottish Professional Football League

In short, the Scottish Professional Football League came into being in 2013. This was because of a merger between the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League. The following is a description of the the top leagues that are part of the SPFL.

Scottish Premiership

This league is obviously the top league in Scottish Professional Football League. Indeed, the Scottish Premiership came about in 2013. In effect, this was through a merger between the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League. At this time, The Scottish Premiership has 12 teams that compete with each other both home and away.

Relegation to the Scottish Championship happens to the club that finishes bottom of the league. The club that finishes 11th can also suffer relegation. But this relies on play-offs with the play-off winner in the Scottish Championship.

Scottish Championship

Obviously, the Scottish Championship is the second tier in the SPFL and came about in 2013. At this time, there are only ten teams that compete with each other in the Scottish Championship. Obviously the team finishing top wins promotion to the Scottish Premiership. Then, the teams finishing in positions 2 to 4 compete in play-offs for the next promotion place.

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