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Club Information, In Brief

To begin with, Peterborough United came into existence in 1934. So, this is a relatively young club in comparison to other professional football clubs. Indeed, the didn’t enter the Football League until 1960 after replacing Gateshead. Be that as it may, their supporters are just as loyal as any other. Indeed, they can create a great atmosphere too.

Of course, Peterborough United play their home games at the London Road Stadium. To clarify, the stadium has a capacity of 15,314 and the club has a nice feel to it. Indeed, Peterborough’s nickname is The Posh. However, this is not a reflection on the town. It was due to Pat Tirrell, the manager of Fletton United. In short, Fletton United added Peterborough to their name but the club went bust. However, at the time he did say he was “looking for posh players for a posh new team”.

Although the club has very few honours, Peterborough have won the Football League Trophy in 2014. But they also won a lower league title too.

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