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Indeed, this is the Membership Information page for the Football HQ

The Football HQ Network contains a collection of Football Blogs and Football Forums. Obviously, the Football Message Boards are just like any other forum where anyone can join and post. However, here at the Football HQ Blogs, there are a few other options.

Once you decide to join in with us, whether free or paid, sign up here.

Football HQ Membership Levels:

Bronze Membership (Free)

Firstly, if you wish to post a football article on the Football HQ Blogs, you need to register. However, our Bronze Membership is free. So, please sign up for this type of membership if all you need is to post on the Football Blogs. Indeed, all members of any level may use the ‘Submit A Post‘ tab above to write soccer articles.

When you write a football article, you should ensure that all the content you post is your own original work. In other words, don’t copy and paste text from other websites as this is wrong. You should also make your articles at least 200-300 words long. So, go ahead and promote the football team that you love most – it’s free. The more information out there about your team, the more exposure it gets!

Bronze Members also get a special lifetime status on the Football Forums together with a unique ranking badge. But, please tell us after you sign up so that we can adjust things for you.

Platinum Membership (Paid)

Obviously, to have a stake in Football HQ we require people to donate to the running of the website. In return, donators will also become Platinum Members. Obviously Platinum Members have a bigger say and can help with suggestions for the running of the site etc. However, the main point of becoming a Platinum Member here at Football HQ is to run your own football website (see below).

You may still donate and not opt to own a website. Obviously this choice is yours. Once you become a Platinum Member here at the Football Blogs, you get lifetime VIP status on the Football Forum too. This applies even if you decide to cancel your membership here on the blogs.

The donation fee for Platinum Membership is £19.99 for the first year, then £14.99 every year after that. Sign up here.

Create Your Own Website

Platinum Members who subscribe to the Football HQ website can obviously operate their own unique football website. Indeed, this is why most people wish to become a Platinum Member. Obviously, we provide the domain name, tools and unlimited hosting to enable you to operate a quick loading football website.

Creating your own football website is easy and we have made it as cheap as chips. Say you support the fictitious team, ‘Town United’, then your website will take the name of You can also run your own football forum on your website too!

Therefore, all you need to do as a Platinum Member is be a little creative and post when you like. You can also display adverts too. In other words, your very own football website is a separate entity and unique to yourself to do as you please.

Best Football Forums

Obviously our Football Blogs are a unique entity and membership is not necessary. However, the Football Forum is a collection of public message boards. With this in mind, and to prevent spam, you need to register to post there. But our Football Bulletin Boards are massive and we cover all footballing subjects. Indeed, you may post football news or even promote the football club that you support. Why let others promote their team while you don’t!

Those who run their own website here at Football HQ can obviously operate their own Football Forums too!

To Sum Up

As we can see, membership of the Football HQ Blogs is necessary in order to post football articles and information. However, our Bronze Membership is free and easy to sign up to. Obviously, Platinum Members can run their own football website without too many restrictions (just stay legal please).

The Football HQ Forum is indeed separate from the Football HQ Blogs here. Therefore, membership there is necessary in order to post. However, Members at the Football Blogs gives you a special lifetime status on the Football Forum with your own badge.

Whatever you decide, you still have the ability to participate and promote your football team in some way. With this in mind, bookmark the Football HQ Home Page and call back often.

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